June 19th, 2020

Following a CBC article from June of 2019, we learned that our event, the Deighton Cup, was tied to deeply wrong and oppressive behaviours due to the actions of its namesake: historic Vancouver saloon-ster and founder of Gastown, “Gassy” Jack Deighton.

We, the Founders of the Deighton Cup, were, and are, disgusted with the aspects of Jack Deighton’s life highlighted in the article. We became acutely aware of the immediacy to address our association with, and unintended support of, marginalized and oppressive behaviours.

Our team began immediately to work with Indigenous diversity and inclusivity experts to examine and dismantle our structural racism support while also finding ways to make our festival inclusive, welcoming and safe for all.

We also understand that we were wrong in not acting more quickly to address these feelings, beliefs and associations. That said, with anti-racism and anti-oppression as our driving objective, we are continuing to audit and work towards improving the festival in the following ways:

· In consultation with Indigenous experts and First Nations communities we will find ways to authentically remove racist supports that exist within the event and will make any and all recommended changes, including a name change, if so advised.

· We are expanding our inclusion and integration of Indigenous artists, designers and organizational staff, highlighting and amplifying the incredible talents of these makers and creators with the means we have available to us.

· Moving forward, at all gatherings, we will acknowledge the unceded territories of our First Nation communities

· As an all-white management team with its attendant privilege, we are committing to complete diversity and inclusivity training and to make available our learnings, insights and personal outcomes from that training

This is just the beginning. We, the Founders of the Deighton Cup, commit to providing our community and the general public an update on our progress within 30 days, on or before July 19, 2020.

Thank you.
Tyson, Dax and Jordan