Corporate Patron Support Program

For your contribution of $2,250 you will receive 10 festival passes to The Deighton Cup for the next 10 years; with 20% of all sales benefiting the Backpack Buddies Charity.

Unprecedented? You bet. Once-in-a-Lifetime, in fact.

Announcing the Deighton Cup/Lifetime Corporate Patron Support Program

A single opportunity to give to those in need, while gaining access to the next 10 years of Deighton Cup events. Your commitment will provide frontline food security for children in need, and will ensure the festival you know and love returns stronger than ever before. When the time is right.

A 10-pack of Lifetime Festival Passes that corporate providers can use to surprise clients, supporters and other stakeholders each year. Uniquely, the Corporate Patron Support Passes come with transferability, meaning the passes can be used by different guests of the purchaser for each annual festival.

Each ticket provides unlimited and extended festival pass access to the Deighton Cup events for the next 10 years. The package includes:
  • Ten festival passes to the Deighton Cup for the next 10 years of events
  • 20% of all proceeds goes to Backpack Buddies from Deighton Cup Productions on your behalf
  • Exclusive invitations, free of admission, to any secondary or smaller events (i.e. Starting Gate) for each of the next 10 years of events, including the coming “Social Distancing Edition” of Deighton Cup coming summer 2020
  • A Deighton Cup lapel pin or broach, signifying the wearer as a Lifetime member
  • A commemorative physical Lifetime member card
  • In-festival surprises, special access areas and Lifetime member perks. This includes your first cocktail on us at the next “in real life” Deighton Cup

About Backpack Buddies

Backpack Buddies is a BC organization that is stepping up during the COVID-19 crisis to get food directly into the hands of our most vulnerable children.

Normally, Backpack Buddies fills the weekend hunger gap by helping children who rely on school meal programs but go home to empty cupboards on the weekend. Every Friday, Backpack Buddies makes sure their backpacks are filled with all the food they need to make it through the weekend.

Now, many children are facing a 7-day hunger gap. With more and more parents out of work, the demand for food to feed their children is skyrocketing. That’s why 20% of proceeds from all Corporate Patron Support Program sales is going directly to Backpack Buddies, so they can scale up their program to help more children in need.

Learn more about Backpack Buddies: