Artist – Mardi

Mardi is a world class internationally showing/selling Artist. Mardi transcends cultural boundaries in both the art world and her own personal life. A proud Canadian, Mardi was born in Karachi, Pakistan to a German mother and an Indian father. She grew up in a highly multicultural suburb of Toronto. Mardi’s bold, expansive works engage themes of the balance and energy – masculine and feminine energies – the logical and the intuitive – the chaotic and the structural – the fluid and the static are all dichotomies that play gracefully into her masterworks. A prolific, and self-taught artist, with an expansive body of work, including an Architectural Art Glass line fabricated in Berlin, Mardi debuted her works internationally during the Cannes Film Festival in 2011.


Artist – David Ullock

David Ullock is a multi-disciplinary artist and maker, based out of
Vancouver BC. His current practice focuses on creating artworks which utilize locally reclaimed wood and paint. Through meticulous processes of sculpture, painting and collage, his work aims to discover and explore intricate systems of interconnectedness, allowing different material qualities to compliment each other in new and unique ways.




Artist – KC Hall

KC Hall is the grandson of hereditary Chief Irene (Wakas) Brown. At a very young age, KC always had an interest in illustration. After graduating from high school, he began creating work on a larger scale, including paintings and drawings. In February of 2012, KC studied with Nisga’a artist Robert Tait in the Northwest Coast Jewellery Arts Program at Native Education College in Vancouver, BC. Introduced to Northwest Coast formline, he was inspired and instantly fell in love with the visual language. In 2016, KC designed and presented a blanket to Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge while the royals were on a visit to BC. Currently, KC is creating work that combines both his style of graffiti and the art of his people and formline design, while still following the traditions of both intricate forms. In 2017, Lattimer Gallery hosted an exhibition titled Hálúɫ (Fresh) which featured KC’s work.

Artist – Ghazal Elhaei

Ghazal Elhaei is a contemporary, self-taught visual artist currently living and working in Vancouver, BC. Ghazal works with private clients, interior designers and select brands. She currently exhibits her paintings in solo and group shows internationally. She is a style-savvy globe trotter and a sought after producer, public speaker and consultant.

Ghazal will be contributing art to Cocktail Jockey at Prohibition (Hotel Georgia) on Friday, July 20th.



Artist – Mel Yap

Mel Yap was born in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia in 1979 and moved to Canada with his family when he was one year old. He now lives and works in Vancouver, BC. Mel Yap derives inspiration from music, art and film. A self-taught photographer and musician, he is interested in recognizing compositions. “It’s not so much subject as experience,” he says. Whether it’s the cover of a calculus textbook or an international exhibition, his goal is to eliminate preconceptions and be faithful to his intuition.

Mel will be contributing art to Cocktail Jockey at Prohibition (Hotel Georgia) on Friday, July 20th.


Artist – Dana Mooney

Dana Mooney is a self-taught artist and creative influencer based in Vancouver, Canada. Dana’s goal with her art is to create something beautiful and personal for the client, combining elements of fine art and interior design to seamlessly integrate fresh, original, and dynamic artwork into a space. To achieve this, she uses layers of product including acrylic paint, ink, gold and silver leaf to achieve her signature look, which has resulted in such collections as The Neon Collection, a collaboration with Urbanwalls Decals, The Abstract, Birch, and Round Collections. Dana’s work has been commissioned by countless homeowners, interior designers, and companies including the Hyatt Regency, Lululemon, and Saje Natural Wellness, for whom she created custom artwork used on the brand’s limited-edition aromaArt diffusers from 2015-2017.